14 years of love

August 19, 2019

12.08.2019, France, M6

L’amour est dans le pré (Farmer wants a wife) is back on 26 August 2019 for the 14th edition of the search for love and a new feature for the late evening slot.

“This year, three women and ten men have taken this incredible leap into the unknown. They have very bravely let me in on their romantic troubles and desire to do everything possible to overcome them, by taking this unusual step.”, says Karine Le Marchand, presenter of the show.

For the fourteenth year, the show will help thirteen farmers through the various stages of their search for true love: the opening of the letters from admirers, speed dating, the stay at the farm, the weekend at their admirer’s, the romantic weekend in France or in Europe and, finally, results time with Karine Le Marchand. In 13 years, L’amour est dans le pré (Farmer wants a wife) has already seen 74 couples formed thanks to the show. 19 of them have since got married and 54 children have been born from these marriages.

During the late evening slot, M6 viewers can also enjoy a brand-new show: L’amour vu du pré (Farmers observe the farm). For the first time, farmers from the 13 seasons of L’amour est dans le pré will open up their living room doors and discover the episodes of this new season. This is an opportunity for them to rekindle their memories, share their emotions, their views and relive the experience that changed their lives. They will react to the choice of letters, be moved by the speed dating process, laugh at inappropriate situations during life on the farm, have a lump in their throat for those who fail or feel joy for those whose life will change. A real and careful look at what is seen in the programme. A time for sharing, between all the laughter and emotions.

On 19 August 2019, before enjoying the new season for 2019, M6 will revisit season 12 of the farming adventure in L’amour est dans le pré, que sont-ils devenus ? (What have they become?). Is everyone still with their true love two years on? Have the couples formed during this record-breaking season withstood the test of time or have they gone their separate ways? Have the farmers who were still single after the results found their match since? These are the questions that Karine Le Marchand, the presenter of the show,will be asking. . The great reunions take place in Paris, the capital of love and the  backdrop of first emotions for many couples.



After 13 seasons, L’amour est dans le pré maintains its audience attractiveness.

The faces of season 14, aired in January and February 2019, scored very well by attracting:

  • 15 per cent of the total audience
  • 20 per cent of the commercial target
  • 3.4 million viewers

Season 13, which aired last summer, posted very good scores, making M6 the number one channel on the commercial target for the 11th season in a row:

  • 22 per cent of the total audience
  • 32 per cent of the commercial target
  • 4.7 million viewers on average over all the evenings

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